Beside Still Waters

Tandem Prayer


Sometimes we are so busy talking to God that we don’t take time to listen. Beside Still Waters is a resource to help you develop a listening ear. 

This personal retreat guide is perfect for a time when you can linger in God's presence. Use it when you can spend some uninterrupted time alone with Him - a quiet morning perhaps.

Don't worry about where to begin because the guide will help you to start with affirming scriptures, inspiration and an opening prayer. It offers questions for you to ask God, with space to record your thoughts as He speaks to your heart in response. You will want to print it, so that when you write your thoughts, you can keep them for future reflection. 

He speaks clearly to the heart when we listen. Let Him refresh and encourage your heart as He leads you beside still waters.

Size: 5.5” x 8.5”

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