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Introduction to Tandem Prayer

By Kaye Johns, Co-Founder

Everything on Tandem Prayer is something I would have loved to have had when I first began to learn to pray (at age 46). I knew nothing about prayer. Almost nothing about the Bible. Very little about God.

I had no idea what prayer really is—the way we not only talk to Him but learn to hear His response. The way we get to know Him personally, to experience how much He loves us, is willing to lead us, to help us to understand the Bible and what it means to us today.

At that time, I stumbled upon a small group study about prayer. I found myself in weekly meeting with people who were already comfortable praying. Out loud. I was so intimidated that I didn’t open my mouth for weeks. But I stuck with it, and it changed my life.

The most important things I learned from that prayer study were how to enjoy a personal relationship with God and how to pray Scripture. These things are now at the heart of all we offer through Tandem Prayer.

Our home page offers three entry points to help lead you to the resources that best meet your need:

  • “Start Here” is for those who need help getting started with prayer—help having daily time with God, learning to know Him personally, listening for His voice or gaining confidence in prayer. Find practical help for first steps. It takes time to develop the relationship with God and mature in prayer, but if we don’t take the first step, we’ll never get there.
  • “Grow in Prayer” is for those who already have a relationship with God, who are looking for ways to expand or freshen their prayer lives, to pray stronger prayers, to grow in their understanding of worship. For those who feel they could use a jump-start for their prayer life.
  • “Help Others” is for anyone who wants to help or encourage others with prayer. For those leading a class or small group, or who have one or more prayer partners, or who engage in personal ministry, such as visiting the ill or praying for missions.

I have learned that God honors every step we take toward a greater understanding of who He is. He will lead us to exactly what He knows we need and are ready for. Why not say a quick prayer and ask Him to show you what He wants you to have among our many resources? Ask Him to help you develop a more meaningful prayer life, to discover what it means to know Him in a personal relationship that grows closer every day.


Thank you for visiting Tandem Prayer, the new name and website for PrayerPower Ministries.  

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