Prayers for Husbands and Wives

Tandem Prayer


The best way to strengthen a marriage is for a couple to pray together, especially if they pray for each other. This prayer guide makes it easy to begin with one daily prayer for each to pray for the other. They are powerful, conversational prayers with verses from the Bible.

Use these prayers when you join together to pray with your spouse. You can begin by reading them. Once you get more comfortable doing that, it will become easier to pray spontaneous, Spirit-led prayers for each other. Another way to use this guide is to pray them for your husband or wife in your own personal quiet time. Or give this as a gift to young marrieds in your family or church. 

There are seven prayers for husbands including:

  • Make Him a Spiritual Leader
  • Lead Him to Draw Near to God
  • Help Him to Be a Man of Prayer
  • Help Him to Be a Righteous Man
  • Help Him to Live in Victory
  • Lead Him to Seek Refuge in God
  • Help Him to Rest in God

The seven prayers for wives include:

  • Help Her to Grow in Christ
  • May She Live in God's Presence
  • Teach Her to Pray without Ceasing
  • May She Live as a Godly Woman
  • Give Her a Tender Heart
  • May She Have God's Wisdom
  • May She Trust God

“Nothing brings a couple closer than consistently praying together. We’ve seen countless couples learn to pray using these prayer guides, which are incredibly user-friendly and life changing.” (Dewey Wilson, Strong Marriages)

Size: 4.25” x 5.5”

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