Quick Tips for Effective Prayer

Tandem Prayer


This practical guide has many tips or suggestions for every aspect of your prayer life. It is based on years of experience and will encourage you with easy-to-understand ideas.  In is divided into three sections.

Practical First Steps has "how to's" - help for beginners, for those who are not spending time every day with the Lord, and those who would like more consistency. Those who are consistent will not want to skip this section as they can gain insight on how to have a closer connection with Him.

For some, it is intimidating to pray with others. The tips in the second section will help make it easier. Find information on how to pray with others including your spouse, children, family and friends. Ask God to help you to try some of these ideas.

Those who are ready for more will find the last section meaningful on their journey for a deeper relationship with the Lord and a more effective prayer life.  

Size: 4.25” x 7”

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