Prayers for Guidance

Tandem Prayer


This prayer guide will encourage anyone needing guidance. There are many times in life when we need understanding and wisdom. God tells us to ask. Use these prayers to ask God for direction using powerful, Scripture-based prayers.  Pray one each day for several week and then listen. He can help you to make right decisions. Use this guide to intercede on behalf of someone you know who needs guidance.

Prayers include:

  • Be My Hope
  • Hear Me When I Call
  • Be My Shepherd
  • Help Me to Be Still
  • Be My Counselor
  • Show Me Your Ways
  • Be My Guide
  • Help Me to Hear
  • Be My Sure Foundation
  • Show Me Your Kindness
  • Be My Light
  • Open My Eyes
  • Be My Way
  • Help Me to Choose

“Your prayer guides are such a blessing! I need to share with you that I was going through a very difficult situation that needed a decision yesterday. The prayer that I read for the day was perfect and ministered to me in a very special way. Just wanted you to know that your prayer booklets are being used by God to encourage me and others.” (Mary Peek)

Size: 4.25” x 5.5”

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