Prayers to Make My Family Strong

Tandem Prayer


Our families need powerful prayer today more than ever. These are the strongest of prayers for your immediate and extended family, based on Scripture and written in easy-to-pray conversational style. 

Parents and grandparents can use these prayers as a start. Simply start out by reading them. God's Spirit will guide your heart to add even more personal prayers for your family. These are also great to give to extended family, friends, and fellowship groups.

Prayers include:

  • Draw Each One to Christ
  • May We Love You
  • Help Us to Please You
  • Don't Let Our Feet Slip
  • Help Us to Love One Another
  • May We Accept Each Other
  • Men of Integrity
  • Women of Character
  • Make Our Marriages Strong
  • Help Us to Trust You
  • Meet Our Needs
  • Give Us Wisdom
  • Protect Us
  • Bless Us

“When my mother-in-law went to be with the Lord, the pastor said he found this prayer guide in her Bible. I’d given it to her a couple of years before, and when he said she had penciled in names of those in the family she was praying for, many of them wanted their own copy. So far, I’ve given it to 10 of them!” Pam Walker, e3 Partners

Size: 4.25” x 5.5”

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