Experience Personal Revival

Experience Personal Revival

by Grace Parker-Ferguson

Like many of you, I’ve seen what the Lord is doing at various college campuses across the nation. I can see how He is moving, pouring out His spirit to His people. I can see the joy, excitement and fervor in the community. It has brought out a world of emotions in my own life, as I am thrilled by how the Lord is stirring in His people. But, simultaneously and in full transparency, I have felt somewhat discouraged. I see Him moving all around me and our nation, yet I was not feeling or experiencing His presence the way others have. I almost felt left out, watching when I also wanted to be a part of what the Lord is doing. I want His will to be done in my life. But, why am I not being moved the way my fellow believers are? 

I have felt this tug on my heart for several weeks. I found myself waiting, yet had not heard anything, had not felt anything but that subtle tug. I realized though, that I was not devoting consistent time to the Lord. Instead, I allowed myself to be distracted, to ignore that tug and let it be overshadowed by the many things that try to demand my focus in this world. I allowed myself to be pulled in every direction except to the foot of the cross. 

This morning, I awoke, once again, to a wave of videos online of worship and revival. I sat there, once again, saddened that I was not experiencing it. Almost in a state of frustration, I grabbed my Bible and devotional, hoping to finally hear from God. Over the course of that time with the Lord and the rest of the morning, He spoke. I prayed, cried and worshipped. I apologized to my Father, my Friend, for not acting on that tug He placed on my heart. For not grabbing my Bible right then and there. For not opening my heart, offering my time to even hear from Him. And as the Lord always does, He joyfully forgave me. 

What is happening at Asbury University and many others is an absolutely beautiful, powerful movement, resulting directly from the presence of the Almighty God. And maybe, you are like me and have even considered driving there to experience His spirit. What the Lord has shown me this week, though, is that I can be filled with His spirit and embraced by His presence right where I am, right where He has placed me. The same power and presence that filled the earth on the first day of creation still saturates this place today. The Holy Spirit can move and act in undeniable ways, as we are seeing at Asbury. But, that same revival, that same love can take place in each of our hearts - whoever we are, wherever we are, whatever burdens we carry. Revival begins with two - me and Jesus. You and Jesus. My encouragement to you is to seek Him - so fully, completely and ardently. Wherever you are. In your country, your city, your home, your car, your workplace, your room. Dust off your Bible as I have, and let the Lord fill you with everything good. With Himself. 

Ultimately, I better understood that the Lord, too, wants me to be a part of what He is doing. The Lord wants me to experience the fullness of His presence and joy. Like any relationship though, it goes both ways. I must put myself in a position to hear from Him, to be able to discern what He is telling me, to be able to be filled by His spirit. And, He wants you to be a part of what He is doing, wants you to experience the fullness of His presence and joy. He loves you. He adores you. He wants you. He wants to bring revival to your heart and life, so that we can then continue to share His love with others. The Lord is moving, and I would love for you to join me with Him in making His name known here and everywhere.

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