Adding Life and Color to our Prayers

Adding Life and Color to Our Prayers

September 28, 2020

“‘I tell you… because of his persistence he will get up and give him as much as he needs.’” (Luke 11:8)

Year after year the tree in our yard is the same, but different. Leaves come and go, changing colors, catching the sunlight and the breeze. Every day there is something different to enjoy.

I would like my prayers to be like that. In this parable, Jesus is teaching us to be persistent in prayer, to not give up. Sometimes that means praying for someone not for days, but for weeks or even years. That can easily lead to praying the same thing every day, becoming a lifeless, boring routine that feels more like duty than joy. Finding ways to bring new life and meaning to such prayers will help create enthusiasm to continue.

Like the tree constantly changing leaves, we can keep our prayers bright and different while remaining the same at the core. One way to do this is to add different Scriptures to our prayers. Or, focus on and address God by a different one of His names every day, and let the name stimulate the prayer. For example: “Light of the World, I pray Taylor will follow you and not walk in darkness—may she have the light of life. Open her eyes. I also pray for your Word to be a light to Justin’s path. Give him guidance.”

Here are prayers for salvation of a friend using a different name of God each day:

  • Father, as I pray for (name’s) salvation, I come to You as our God of love. Save him with the love that sent Jesus to the cross.
  • Dear God, I pray again today for (name’s) salvation. You are our God for whom nothing is impossible—open his heart to receive Christ!
  • Lord God, I ask for (name’s) salvation. Bread of life, give him a hunger for You!
  • God, hear my prayer for (name’s) salvation. God of hope, I ask You to give him the hope of eternal life.
  • Jesus, I ask You as our Redeemer to hear my prayer for (name’s) salvation. You have paid the price for him. Draw him to yourself.

Why not make a list of your favorite names of God and use a different one each day? As you go through your list, you’ll see how your prayers for the same person or concern will become new kingdom prayers every day.

Note: If you don’t have a list of names of God, here is one:

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