Pray for Our Nation, 9-21-20

Tandem Prayer

This week is a very important week to pray for our nation. There are two national prayer events scheduled for September 26 that are focused on repentance and praying for our nation. This week’s prayer guide has that same spirit, and as we pray through it, may we carefully consider and embrace this truth:                                                                                                                

“Far more of our nation’s life is shaped by prayer than is formed by legislation.” Eugene H. Peterson

We pray to the Lord our God, who is merciful and forgiving, and ask Him to hear our prayers. (Daniel 9:9)

These Scripture prayer guides will help you to focus and to pray. As the Spirit leads, it will prompt additional prayers from your heart as you follow along and pray. Let's join together to cry out to Him on behalf of our Nation. We encourage you to share this link and prayer guide with others you know who want to pray.
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